As early as 300 years ago, Ewenki people bid farewell to the forest where at upper reaches of the Siberian Lena River, after that, settled in the Northwest of Daxinganling, right bank of the Ergun Hulunbeier Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region which is northeast border of China. Sine than, they engaged in hunting in the mountain and forests from generation to generation, they living by hunting and breeding reindeer, in history known as the "Deer Tribe", also called “Deer Ewenki”.

Deer Ewenki belongs to apart of Ewenki, the population less than 200 (Ewenki total population of nearly thirty thousand). Ewenki with Farming were known as "Solon" before the liberation; Ewenki with nomadism in Chenbaerhu Autonomous Region were known as the "Tunguska"; Ewenki with using reindeer and hunting were known as "Yakut". For national recognition, known as Ewenki after the liberation.

As early as 1950 years ago in the 20th century, Deer Ewenki hunts in the area of Daxinganling. Here is not cut and primitive jungle areas with inconvenient, but also area with algae plateau. There are wild animals, wild birds and wild plants, but also has several types of vegetation and bacteria organisms which are the most feedstuff for reindeer. There also was a rare natural hunting ground. They had living in the forest by hunting for living, but also raising reindeer. They regard “the pillar of immortal” as their home. They enjoyed the gift form nature and lived together for a simple life of isolation. This also cultivated their diligent, brave and passionate characters. They have their own language, belongs to Altaic phylum-- Austronesia of Tungus language, there is no words, but mixed with Russian words. They are believed in shaman, worship of nature, respected the fire as a god. There was history document recorded that they are the pioneer of domesticated reindeer, and known as the "Forest Boat", which means reindeer was their transportation.

The Government began to purchase reindeer antlers for supporting Ewenki hunters form the year of 1961. Sine than, the income from deer antlers become to the main source of Ewenki . Ewenki hunter began to moved to the Riverside of Aoluguya and settled down In 1965. They set up Aoluguya Ewenke hunters village, some of them settled down. In 2003, Deer Ewenki migrated into the suburbs of new settlements, forbidding hunting was rapidly approaching, but some of them who loss of forests and hunting guns can not adapt to living without the forest, the issue regarding reindeer’s feed is not resolved well. The consequence is this part of the hunters with the reindeer back to the mountains and resumed their traditional life, they are known as "the last hunting tribe". This group of less than 800 reindeers and 200 persons, but still retain their own national traditions. The world of national human scholars begin to regard this myth of a vanishing race with the past ring tones.


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